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AI Society of Hong Kong is back at Garage Academy on Tuesday 28th May for a look into the future with predictive models in finance — sign up now, limited seats available!

Being able to tell the future has been a human obsession since the dawn of time, often portrayed in movies as a far off, sci-fi dream.

But the tech prowess & massive volume of data available today is allowing companies to increasingly be able to forecast the outcome of an event likely to happen in the near future. Now, predictive analytics are changing the game for companies and their executive teams. In fact, the predictive analytics market is expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2020, with financial and risk management accounting for one of the top areas of application.

In this session, hear our speakers explore this near future :

  • Developing a predictive model on continuous times series data set: Bitcoin stock prediction
  • Making investment smarter with AI


Carolina Hoffmann-Becking

Senior Consultant, Artificial Intelligence Customer Strategy at EY

Carolina is a German Engineer who has been a Developer at Rolls Royce and consulted the largest car manufacturers and suppliers in the world at Roland Berger Strategy Consulting. Following her expertise at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, she joined the Management Consulting team at EY in Hong Kong combining her tech and finance background serving financial services clients with insights on how new technologies will impact their business strategy, operating model, culture and ecosystem. She is also the founder of an early stage startup – Cerebro 天慧人工智能公 – developing an AI index showcasing the applications of AI pursued by the global players in the world with a focus on China.

Ken Shih

Head of Sales and Marketing AQUMON

AQUIMON is a leading Artificial Intelligence-based robo-advisor in Hong Kong that aims to make investing smarter, more simple and affordable for everyone.

With a collective 14-years of financial industry experience in Hong Kong and the United States, Ken has a good understanding of what fintech/wealthtech startups need to deliver particularly in terms of enterprise solutions.

Prior to AQUMON, Ken was a Director of Investment Content and an Alternative Investment Sales strategizing sales and marketing financial solutions to UBS’ and HSBC’s wealth management clients in Hong Kong.

About Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong

AI Society of Hong Kong is committed to the further development and understanding of Artificial Intelligence technologies in Hong Kong. With our monthly events and technology workshops, we aim to develop inquiry and curiosity about AI among those who are not in direct contact with this science.

Together we can create a platform for specialists to share their ideas and knowledge to help us prepare for the many benefits and challenges that this technology will create in the coming decade.