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Tue, 29 September 2020

14:00 – 15:00 HKT

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AI in Healthcare Conference

Data and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the healthcare industry, which can be seen both in profits generated and the lives saved from this technology. Drug discovery and bioinformatics are accelerating rapidly as there is a vast increase in genomic data as well as significant improvements in artificial intelligence. Without the use of AI and the increased quantity of data, for example, approximately 90% of candidate therapies would fail. Additionally, we would miss out on vital bioinformatic information that will lead to rapid discoveries in cancer research, anti-aging solutions, and much more. With the incorporation of AI, discoveries in these areas will occur at a fraction the cost, and in a far more effective manner.

Furthermore, the ability to detect diseases with artificial intelligence is also increasing rapidly. Deep learning technology is now used to detect fatal conditions faster and more accurately than trained professionals when reading scans (i.e. CT scans). The ability to do this will save a significant number of lives. For example, intracranial hemorrhages can result in death in less than 24 hours which potentially makes every second the difference between life and death. Without deep learning, individuals with this condition might be lost as their scans are read more slowly and with less accuracy.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to enter, understand, or better their abilities at the intersection of AI and healthcare.

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