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Wed, 28 October 2020

15:00 – 16:15 HKT

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AI in Financial Services

Preparing Financial Industry for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 4 pillars of the Hong Kong economy are tourism, professional services, finance and trading logistics, with Education as part of the 6 industries, are we educating the future workforce ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?


As financial institutions have been one of the most affected industries in the world, presenting new risks to manage and understand. However, Hong Kong has been quickly able to adapt to such changes by going digital and experimenting with emerging technologies to lessen the effects of the virus on the financial markets. Due to such radical changes, there has been a growing demand for computer scientists, software engineers and data scientists in the job market in order to fill in the gap.

A recent article by CNBC that highlights the 60% increase in demand for artificial intelligence developers in major investment and commercial banks emphasise that the need of computer scientists has only recently been recognized. Many industry heads proclaim how the use of computer programming have sped up operations and are also trying to combine their knowledge on finance with a programming mindset.

Due to such changes, recent surveys suggest that educational institutions do not prepare students to join the workforce, as such institutions are teaching obsolete material to their students. People are now looking for critical thinking and computer skills rather than textbook knowledge.

Amid millions of layoffs and hiring freezes around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only roles that are seeing an upsurge is in the IT sector.

Our expert panel will dig into what it will take for Hong Kong to remain stable throughout the next decade as we quickly move into the 4th industrial revolution, where finance becomes increasingly more fused with the digital universe through A.I adoption.

Topics we will cover:

  • Are the 4 pillars future proof with A.I technologies?
  • What are the disruptive technologies shaping Finance?
  • What other leading countries are doing to stay ahead
  • Jobs in the financial sectors will inevitably become redundant
  • How can bankers and financiers adapt their careers?
  • How are institutions up-skilling their workforce?
  • How are schools helping those that are about to enter the increasingly digital workforce?

Who should attend:

  • Anyone personally or professionally invested in the realm of the 4 pillars
  • Those looking to future proof their careers
  • Bankers and execs that what a high-level overview of emerging technologies that are transforming the way we do business
  • Prospective investors and financiers that want to be ahead on the latest news about the finance industry.