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AI Project Management: Why AI Initiatives Fail


This is the first talk of a 2 part series at Garage Academy where AI transformations addresses the most common reasons AI initiatives don’t achieve their desired results. The road to failed projects is paved with good intentions, good technology, and good theory, but nothing can replace the right approach for implementation – and implementing AI carries unique challenges. Learn which mistakes you’ve been making, and how to avoid them, featuring actionable case studies followed by a discussion by our expert panelists.

About The Speakers

Matt O’Connor, Co-founder of Reboot.AI

Matt O’Connor is a co-founder of Reboot.AI, Hong Kong’s premier AI & ML solutions provider. He is a data scientist, former algorithmic trader, and PMI-ACP certified Agile leader with experience transforming business units, automating enterprise scale workflows, and overseeing distributed teams as large as 60. For a decade he has solved large scale business problems with data-driven solutions in eCommerce, logistics, and finance, including as the senior member of the algorithmic trading desk for the world’s largest hedge fund by AUM. He has given talks on AI and development to crowds of hundreds and been published in print and online by a variety of publications, most notably The South China Morning Post and The New York Times.

Simon Zhang – Senior Researcher, Noah Ark Lab, Huawei

Dr. Zhang is a leading AI scientist with extensive expertise and experience across machine learning algorithms and distributed computing systems. He devote his efforts to make ML & AI easy for everyone with the mission of building a unified data platform incorporating architecture innovations and hardware advances for real-time analytics on data-intensive applications. He has been a senior researcher on big data analytic systems at Noah Ark Lab in Huawei Research since 2012. He has obtained his PhD from University of Hong Kong in 2011, Master from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Software in 2005.

Eric Thain, General Manager HK Express

Eric Thain is President of Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong, pushing the role & integration of AI in the modern brand space. Eric is also the General Manager of HK Express, a widely known marketing professional in Asia and a senior marketer with 17+ years of agency and in-house experience in developing Integrated Marketing Strategies and leading Digital Transformation projects across APAC (including a decade of in-market experience in China). Eric is a hybrid experienced business leader with profound mixed discipline experience across the marketing & digital ecosystem, primarily with focus on omnichannal digital marketing, analytics, artificial intelligence, social marketing, path to purchase modelling & e-commerce operation solutions.

Christopher Even, Co-founder and CTO of AptivIO

Christopher Even is co-founder and CTO of a New York based startup (AptivIO) using AI on alternate data sources to discover relevant signals for sales and threat detection and advisor for a number of data and AI companies. Electrical Engineer by education, he is a serial Entrepreneur that has been building and delivering data driven solutions for 24 years. For the last three years here in Asia he has sold and delivered AI projects across both tier 1 banks and insurance companies for a French AI company and has a unique prospective on political and cultural hurdles in this space. Prior experience includes a VC funded successful exit of his own data connectivity company, CTO and principal engineer behind a large ERP company for manufacturing and supply chain planning, managed both small and large development organizations, sales and delivery experience with well over 1000 customer presentations and 100s of projects, architect and full stack developer in open source and MS technologies, exposure to most industries and just enough data science skills to be successful.

Justin Lau, co-founder of Let’s Hire

Justin is a co-founder of Let’s Hire, a recruiting startup trying to make a difference by promoting fairness, transparency, and means to fortifying growth mindset among candidates and employers. Recently he has joined a local startup, Insight Robotics, and is most engaged in GIS (Geographic Information System) and CV (Computer Vision) related topics. Being a seasoned full-stack developer and a scrum master who has served multiple teams, he has a strong passion in building and coaching engineers to succeed, besides delivering quality software. He is also actively advocating design thinking and agile by putting them into practice and giving speeches at different occasions.