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Thu, 28 January 2021

14:00 – 15:00 HKT

Livestream Webinar: Register Here

AI Society X SCMP Research present: China AI Deep-Dive: Computer Vision (Livestream)

About this Event

An online discussion led by AI Society and the South China Morning Post covering the most comprehensive report on China’s AI, featuring key intelligence and investment theses on the largest sector within China AI, including an overview of the state of CV, analysis and case studies of key verticals.

Computer vision — the field of computer science focused on enabling computers to visually identify and process objects in digital images or videos — dominates China AI with a 50% market share and currently leads the world in terms of funding with US$4.5 billion raised from venture capital during 2016-18.

Despite being at the forefront of commercialization and development in China, CV’s application in the security and surveillance sector has become saturated. Learn more about the future of CV from Michael Xu, lead author of the China AI Deep-Dive: Computer Vision at the South China Morning Post, Dr. Yu, the general manager and AI director of TCL, Sidhant Gupta, the founder of the Vayu Project, Clearbot and Open Ocean Camera and Lavine Hemlani, Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Society of HK & Founder of Xccelerate.

Why should you attend this event?

  • CV is the largest sector within China’s booming AI industry with a 50% market share.
  • China’s CV unicorns continue to make global headlines amid rising US-China technological rivalry and they are taking the international lead for investment and technological advancements.
  • The CV ecosystem is expanding. We want you to understand the industry, know what to look for and learn more about the opportunities it can bring to your business.