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Thu, 21 May 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM HKT
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About this Event

Is Hong Kong on the right path to keeping education future-proof? The 4 pillars of the Hong Kong economy are tourism, professional services, finance and trading logistics, with Education as part of the 6 industries, are we educating the future workforce ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

With schools and universities being one of the first places forced to close its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hong Kong’s Education system has been one the first to go digital and quickly adapt to disruptive technologies. Its has been huge pressure on the education system and their I.T teams to come up with a solution, especially if Hong Kong wants to hold its position, having been ranked second in the world in a massive global study of school performance by the OCED, (running just behind rivals Singapore).

But many students, and teachers alike are saying that the world of work is changing so rapidly, and that much of what our children are being taught in school – delivered by an education system designed decades ago – will simply be irrelevant when they enter the workforce. Economists predict that within the next 20 or so years, advances in technology will replace up to 47 per cent of jobs that are commonplace today with roles of an entirely different nature.

Amid millions of lay offs and hiring freezes around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only roles that are seeing an upsurge is in the IT sector.

Is the education system has shown that we are keeping up with advancements in A.I technologies and skilled labour to remain competitive in these realms?

During this expert panel, we will dig into what it will take for Hong Kong to remain stable throughout the next decade as we quickly move into the 4th industrial revolution, where education becomes increasingly more fused with the digital universe through A.I adoption.


Topics we will cover:

Are the 4 pillars future proof with A.I technologies?

What are the disruptive technologies shaping the Education?

What other leading countries are doing to stay ahead

Jobs in the education sectors will inevitably become redundant

How can teachers adapt their careers?

How are institutions upskilling their workforce?

How are schools helping those that are about to enter the increasingly digital workforce?


Who should attend:

Anyone personally or professionally invested in the realm of the 4 pillars

Those looking to future proof their careers

Educators and execs that what a high-level overview of emerging technologies that are transforming the way we do business

This event will kick off a multi-event series, with each workshop going deeper into the individual pillars. More details will be announced during this event.


Guest Moderator:

Mark Sims
Technology, Innovation and Transformation Consultant

Taking and building an idea into a solution that adds value and enables commercial outcomes is what gets Mark out of bed every morning. Critically, however, he does not consider himself as just a blue-sky thinker. Mark’s experience in sales execution (Oracle), provides him with the tactical know-how to break down strategy in actionable steps to ensure the delivery of financial results. Mark sees the connections while inspiring this appetite for change in others. From the top down, Mark engage diverse stakeholders groups in innovation including new technologies and ways of working that not only add value to the business but can be commercialized to drive top line results. Marks mission is to help businesses ‘do better’ through innovation and technology. Career highlights to date include driving significant value creation through business and technology innovation as Executive VP at Stan Group, with key projects including the development and deployment of the ‘buy a brick’ real estate tokenisation platform and an employee loyalty platform underpinning engagement of top talent and driving business development. Prior to this, I developed a disruptive Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Market product and business model for ETS Group, leveraging entrepreneurial spirit honed in the start-up, growth and sale of Go N Live Limited, the first logistics company providing storage by the box to citizens of Hong Kong.


Prof Betty Lin
Associate Director – Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management, Associate Professor – Business Education at HKUST

Betty is responsible for dual-degree program’s daily operation management, marketing and new student recruitment strategies as well as enrichment curriculum development. She believes experiential learning is crucial for her dual-degree students to synergize their Engineering and General Business Management education. She designs experiential learning projects together with market-leading companies to give students opportunities to use technology to solve real-world business problems and polish soft skills in leadership, teamwork and public speaking. Her projects tackle issues that keep company executive’s up-at-night, requires use of disruptive technologies and business best practices – customized for the sponsor’s real situation. So far, her experiential courses are unique and none are alike!Betty has 25 years of industry experience, 10 years as a general business manager, 6 years as a consulting practitioner and consultant trainer and 9 years as a product designer in the Silicon Valley. She has an EMBA from Kellogg-HKUST and B.A. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley.

Matthew Ng
Co-Founder and CEO of kosmic.io

Kosmic.io, a leading EduTech company headquartered in Hong Kong. kosmic.io is a streaming-oriented marketplace for education influencers to distribute engaging educational content at scale – starting with high-school market in Hong Kong. Founding on a deep understanding in education and technology, we are building a company with unprecedentedly engaging content and product to become the primary outlet of education content in the 21st century and beyond. Prior to kosmic.io, Matthew worked with multiple start-ups across Asia and Europe and held consulting roles in Fortune 100 companies on marketing and product strategy.

Duc Luu
CSO of RISE Education & CEO of The Edge Business Unit

Duc Luu is the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Edge business unit for Rise Education Cayman Ltd in Beijing, China and continue to support them in actively growing the organizational brand by speaking at key conferences and contributing to various media channels, develop or partner on new product innovation as well as lead M&A opportunities.

A big-picture thinker, Duc Luu offers strategic insight and a wealth of education industry knowledge and have proven experience in seizing market opportunities and growing business.

Lavine Hemlani
Founder & CEO of Xccelerate

Passionate about pioneering advanced technology education to empower individuals, enterprises and workforces with 4th industrial revolution skills. Founder and CEO of Xccelerate, a leading ed-tech and future of work company headquartered in HK with regional capabilities. Xccelerate is founded on the vision that the greatest opportunity for improving lives is education and addresses the colossal talent and skills challenges in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Software Engineering, Blockchain and Design across Asia. Xccelerate drives outcomes for individuals, enterprises and governments by leveraging expert instructors, proprietary curriculum and learning software. Prior to Xccelerate, Lavine co-founded FLYR and worked with deep learning start-up Thread Genius (acquired by Sotheby’s). Lavine began his career in investment banking in NYC at Lazard’s Mergers & Acquisitions division (M&A) and held investment roles at the following funds: Atlas Capital, Marwar Capital and Union Park Capital. Lavine also serves as Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Society of HK and on the Board of Directors of the 24 Hour Race, the largest global movement against modern slavery.

This event is part of a multi-event series, with each workshop going deeper into the individual pillars and industries. More details will be announced during this event.